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Mindset Mentorship

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Discover how to live an abundant and stress free life.

Learn how to build a soul lead business.

Personalized steps for your desired radical transformation.

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The Mind, Body, Soul 1:1 intensive chat is a 5 day Telegram voice chat with me where we'll map out personalized steps for your desired radical transformation and we'll work through your biggest blocks that are hindering you from living out your dreamiest life. 

We get clear on your deepest desires, create a plan, and implement spiritual tools & healing to get you there! 

Things we can work through, (but not limited to):

  • Mindset blocks
  • Physical Ailment Healing
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Entrepreneurial Blocks (imposter syndrome, money mindset, scaling, identity, comparison, etc.) 
  • Finding & Unleashing your Purpose(s)
  •  Building habits & big picture goals 


mind, body, soul intensive chat

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What you

Get :

☁️ 5 days of 1:1 voice chat Telegram support  
☁️ Post session detailed action-step notes

This option is perfect for anyone needing clarity on the next steps in their business and/or life ❤️
My Mindset Mentorship Program is for those who are ready for hands on support while you discover how to live an abundant and stress free life!

You'll learn how to:

  • Embody your magnetism
  • Get clear on your big picture dreams & break them down into smaller goals
  • Relieve stress, regian clarity, & align to your Soul's purpose
  • Become confident in your ability to manifest.
  • Attract your desires with ease 


mindset mentorship

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What you

Get :

The Mentorship includes:

☁️ (1) 60-min Zoom Kick-off call to get clear on your dreams & goals
☁️ Mon-Fri Telegram support (voice chatting) - freedom to ask questions or for support at any time
☁️ Receive my toolbelt of spiritual practices
☁️ Personalized intuitive support for YOUR needs
☁️ Access to my brain and intuitive guidance
My 1:1 coaching container is for the powerhouses who are ready for true accountability and guidance in upleveling their life. You most likely already have a business (or you are seriously ready to get one going... like yesterday) and you're looking for someone (me😉) to be on your side as we build a personalized step-by-step process of uncovering your limiting beliefs, doing the inner child healing, and properly releasing to make space for your deepest desires and dreamiest clients to come in. 

  • You'll receive tools to overcome every block as they arise with support on getting to the ROOT and releasing it for GOOD.
  • Become confident in your ability to connect with your guides and listen to your gut.
  • Balance your physical health and a CEO. Vitamin, supplement, & nutrition recommendations. 
  • Be held accountable on your personalized goals; drinking more water, taking more self-time, going on walks, following up with potential clients, etc. 

You will learn how to listen to your own intuition, connect with your guides, and fully embody your higher self. 

If you’re ready to do the work, get unstuck, and quickly shift into the next-level version of yourself, 1:1 coaching is right for you.


3 - 6 month
Business Coaching

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What you

Get :

☁️ Bi Weekly Zoom Calls
☁️ Call Recordings + Notes
☁️ Detailed Weekly Action Plans
☁️ Mon-Fri Telegram Support 
☁️ Unlimited messenger support during office hours

Options include 3 or 6 month containers.

Throughout the container, you have accountability and support whenever you need it so that you can create massive results in your life. 

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